PPG Minutes

Minutes from Patient Participation Group Meeting 4th November 2021 


  • Dr Jason Machin – GP (Chair)
  • David Currie – Practice Manager (Minutes)
  • Iva Bouda (IB) - patient
  • Krystyna Ireland (KI) - patient
  • Jennet Eyre (JE) - patient


  • Frances Tookey
  • George Martindale
  • Mary Doherty (SPLW)

Agenda Items

1. Welcome

Dr Machin introduced himself to the group.

2. COVID-19

The practice had opened its doors several months ago, other practices have done this far more recently.  

Coverage of NHS in the papers and online had been very negative recently. Practice was also having problems with patients becoming increasingly rude and aggressive. Practice has lowered it’s tolerance of abusive patients and had written to more patients than normal about their 'behaviour'.

3. Staff changes

Dr Charlotte Mackay has just given birth to and her list is now managed by Dr Sarah Yamamoto. 

We have one new nurse Jessica Bains and  two new pharmacists Chris McGlew and Jyoti Naik.  

We have two new receptionists Keely and Shameeca. Dan and Selina have left the team.

4. Reception volunteering

As patients have been coming back into the practice since COVID-19, Iva Bouda has been volunteering at Reception/front door. For the past 6 months she has been helping guiding patients through to the correct services. Iva noted that generally she thought this was well received and was surprised by how many issues patients have with their mobile phones. Dr Machin thanked her for all her continued support!

5. eConsult

Still being used as a tool for managing patient access.

6. Wellbeing projects

JE has run a series of walks with staff and patients. Practice were delighted with this. Has proved difficult to recruit and to get patients to attend. May need to rethink! Also potential for groups of staff or patients for narrowboat trips from Angel Basin. SW/DC to gauge level of interest from staff.

Staff had been involved with several other Wellbeing initiatives:  painting, gardening, cooking, knitting!

7. Recruiting to Patient Group

Noted that practice still finds it difficult to get wider range of patients signed up. Agreed that Iva Bouda could give handouts and try and recruit on Tuesday a.m.’s.

8. AOB

Phone message: This was substantially shorter than this time last year!


Next meeting

Wednesday 9th February