PPG Minutes

Minutes from Patient Participation Group Meeting 28 Sep 2022


  • Dr Sophy Wollaston – GP (Chair)
  • Iva Bouda (IB) - patient
  • Krystyna Ireland (KI) - patient 
  • Mary Doherty (MD) – SPLW (Social Prescribing Link Worker) 
  • David Currie – Practice Manager (Minutes)


  • Jennet Eyre
  •  Frances Tookey 

Agenda Items

1. Welcome

Dr Wollaston introduced the meeting.

2. Social Prescribing 

MH introduced the range of services provided across Islington by her team.   All agreed that this is an essential service for the citizens of Islington.   The GP or Reception can refer patients to the service. 

Cost of living issues were cited as a growing problem for clients.   The GP Practice can also add information to their website on this.  Mary will provide the info.

3. Staff changes

One new Administrator (Simone) will be joining our Admin Team in November.

Dr Mackay returns from Maternity Leave in October.

We have three new registrar (trainee) GPs – Dr Bharmal, Dr Stagg and Dr Cunningham. 

We also have a new Nurse Associate Imran (employed by the PCN). 

There are a growng number of roles for the PCN (Primary Care Network) where staff work across the 5 practices rather than solely for 1 practice.  This represents a big change, as does managing staff who regularly work at home.

4. Patient Group participation 

NCL (one of our governing bodies) is assisting practices in setting-up and increasing the amount of patients attending these types of meetings whether the meetings are face to face are online (Teams/Skype) etc.  There is going to be a recruitment drive and action place for this for early next year.   The current members of the PPG will be invited to participate in this work.

5. Iva Bouda Feedback 

Blood Tests – insufficient space for patients now appts. are every 5 mins.  Some sit in main reception area and can miss appts.    DC mentioned that a new separate booking in system is being set-up for phlebotomy and that he is setting up a meeting to discuss as there many issues with the service.  Also issue with patients from other practices forgetting their blood forms and getting annoyed with the reception staff who are unable to access these for the patient. 

DC to add ‘if your appt. is running 20 minutes late please ask Reception for an update’.   

SW thanked IB for her continued volunteer work for the practice.

6. Enhanced Access  

This has been rebranded from iHub from 1st October.    Services continue to be provided  between 18.30-20.00 on weekdays and weekends.


Next meeting

To be confirmed.