We aim to help you have the highest quality care and the prescriptions you need to keep you healthy.

Unfortunately, the NHS loses around £300 million every year on medication waste and 50% of people don’t take their medication as prescribed.

If you have queries about your medication or are taking medication that is no longer needed please contact the practice or book in for a medication review with the pharmacy technician.


Variable repeat medications

Variable repeat medications are those that you need every so often (not every month). These should only be requested when you require them. If a pharmacy is requesting on your behalf, please only select the medication you need from the list. If you are regularly requesting your variable repeat medications you may be asked to book in for a medication review.



Inhalers are vital for a range of respiratory conditions and it is important you take your inhalers as prescribed.

  • We run an inhaler device check service with our pharmacy technician if you are unsure how to use your inhaler or need support.
  • We are also reviewing optimising inhalers to dry powder inhalers (DPIs). These are beneficial as you do not require a spacer to take them, they have a dose counter to know how much you have left and can be absorbed into the lungs using deep breath in.
  • You can have a look on the Asthma & Lung website for inhaler use.



Polypharmacy (taking lots of medications)

Polypharmacy is a term used to describe people taking multiple medications (usually 5 or more). 1 in 5 hospital admissions in over-65s are caused by the adverse effects of medicines. We try to discuss with patients about their medications and talk to you about your medication at your medication reviews.


Medication waste

If you no longer need your medication please make sure you return them to the pharmacy for disposal and do not put into your household recycling. This is because harmful chemicals from medications can go into waterways and damage wildlife. There are some local recycling opportunities for blister packs at Superdrug Seven Sisters Road and inhaler recycling for inhalers at Hornsey road.


Over the counter medications

Where possible we follow NHS guidance to reduce prescribing of over the counter medications. 

We continuously review our prescribing processes and how medications are managed in order to make sure you have the right medication for you.