updated at 10:24am on 13/10/2020

by Sarah

Fabulous practice

River Place Group Practice is the most fabulous practice. All the staff, GP's, nurses, HCA's and reception staff are professional and caring, and the practice has a lovely atmosphere. The staff are all charming and they strive to make things more efficient and easier for their patients. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is an absolute privilege to be registered at River Place.

Visited in September 2020, Posted on 01 October 2020

by Anonymous

Very friendly and helpful GPs

Consulted several GPs at this practice recently about a chronic illness and they put me at ease and really listened to me about my health. Following tests, they explained a diagnosis to me clearly and answered all my questions. They took me seriously when previous GPs have brushed me off, and now I am better able to look after my health. A great healthcare experience for someone who gets very anxious about GP appointments! The phone service has also been great during Covid restrictions. Their phlebotomy service was excellent, with the phlebotomists being really kind and skilled. And finally a shout-out to the Well Womens Clinic which again has offered a great phone service during 2020, with wonderful GPs at the end of the phone. Thanks to all those at River Place Group Practice.

Visited in September 2020, Posted on 29 September 2020

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