Teaching and Training

Medical & Nursing Students

We are a teaching practice and students sometimes sit in with the doctors and nurses. We are proud to be involved in developing the NHS workforce for the future.

If you would prefer not to have a student sitting in, please let the doctor or receptionist know prior to your appointment. This will not affect your medical care in any way.





General Practitioner Registrars

GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors completing post-graduate specialist training in general practice. They are supervised by "GP trainers" within the practice.

 We currently have three final year registrars who will be with us until August 2020:

1. Dr Henry Collett

2. Dr Keiichi Isayama

3. Dr Felicity Mcewan


Videos of Consultations

As part of on-going training some doctors may on occasion video their consultations. This is so we can improve and develop our clinical and communication skills.

Consent to video will always  be obtained from patients prior to the consultation. You, of course, have the opportunity to say no to the video at any point before, during or after the appointment. The videos will only ever be shared with other professionals for teaching or training purposes and will be deleted after use.