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We encourage all patients to make a mutually agreed plan with their doctor or nurse about how you are going to get the results of your tests. The options include:

  1. You calling our Care Navigator team for your results (usually after 5-7 days). They will either be conveyed to you or they may ask your usual GP to call you back within five working days. 
  2. The GP who requested your investigations may call you directly 
  3. Consenting to SMS (text) notification of results from your GP/Care Navigator team.

Note that the practice has a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection and we will only release test results to the person to whom they relate to unless that person has given prior permission for the release of this data or they are not capable of understanding the results.

If your test has been arranged through a hospital clinic you will need to go back to the hospital team who referred you to chase these results up.


Blood Test Results - what do the results of my tests mean?

The descriptions below give an explanation and details behind the phrases used.

Normal. Take no action

This means that the doctor has looked at the result and deemed it to be within the normal range for the test and so no further investigation or treatment is needed.

Abnormal, but satisfactory Take no action

This means that the doctor has looked at the result and no further investigation or treatment is needed. This may be for the following reasons:

  • The result is in keeping with your known medical condition(s)
  • The result has already been discussed with you
  • You are already on the correct treatment

Abnormal, surgery to contact patient.

This means that the doctor has looked at the results and wishes to discuss them further with you. The surgery will contact you directly to book an appointment for this.

Specimen lost/unusable.

Repeat test - Unfortunately very occasionally samples are lost. Sometimes there is a delay in samples reaching the laboratory which can affect the quality of the specimen making it unusable. Occasionally an incorrect test is requested in which case a repeat may not be needed. On the other occasions an incorrect bottle or label may have been used.


Often used with tests for infections this means that the condition being tested for has been detected.


Take no action – Also often used with tests for infections. Self-explanatory. No further treatment or investigation(s) is needed.

Other messages you might see when checking your test results:

On correct treatment

This usually means the result is abnormal but expected and you are already on the correct treatment, however if your symptoms are not improving you should discuss with your doctor.

Repeat test

Small fluctuations in test results are common and slightly abnormal results usually return to normal without the need for treatment. The GP would like to check your result has returned to normal or remained stable. There should be an indication of how long you should wait before rechecking your blood test.

This website provides patient-friendly information to help you understand the many clinical laboratory tests that are used in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease: